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Find an eBook at Salem - Search Below for an ebook by typing in the word ebook
Finding an ebook in the Salem Destiny Collection.
1.  Go to the blue box above that says Search Follett Destiny.  
2.  Enter the word ebook.  (Tip, no s for ebooks.  Just ebook.)
3.  Click on Search.
4.  To get best results, enter the word ebook, then your subject, like sports, or fiction, or history, etc. 
5.  Then press enter on your keyboard, or click on the magnifying glass in the right of the box.
6.  Scroll through the ebooks.  Find one you want to check out.
7.  When you find your book, click on the title.
8.  Log in with your student ID as the username.  Use the S in front.  Ex.  S12345678
9.  The password is:  mydestiny.
You should be ready to read!   
eBook sites   
                   Sora by OverDrive icon                       
                                                                                                Sora by OverDrive                                                                        Click on the logo above to access DCPL.                                   
You will need a DCPL library card to checkout ebooks.  
To get a free library card, go 
Tips to Finding ebooks in Galileo

1.  Click on the Galileo icon (logo)
2.  In the search box that appears, type in the words ebsco ebooks.
3.  Click on the words Advanced Search under the box that says Keyword.
4.  Remove the word ebsco from the top box.  Keep the word ebook.
5.  In the second box, or middle box, type in the subject you want.  Like basketball, or Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
6.  In bottom box, or last box type in the word juvenile.
7.  Click on the word Search in the blue box.  
8.  You should find many ebooks to read online or download.

Tips to FInding ebooks in Dekalb County Public Library.

You will need a library card from DCPL.  To get a free card online, go to
1.  Click on the green and white DCPL icon (or logo) above.
2.  Go to the Quick Search box and enter the word ebook and click search.
3.  In the Keyword Search box that comes up, enter either a title of a book (Dork Diaries), or a subject (basketball).
4.  In the next book that says Search By, skip it.  Just go to the next box.
5.  In the box that is by the words Limit By, type in the word ebook. Then click.
6.  eBooks matching your search should appear.
7.  Preview the book by click on either OverDrive Sample or Goodle Preview.
8.  Check availablilty.  If the ebook is available, you can go to Check Out.  At this point you will need your library card number.  Then finish and read!

Tips to Finding ebooks in Sora

1.  Click on blue space creature soring above.  
2.  Enter title, author, or subject in search box on top left and search.
3.  Then check it out !  You will be asked to log in.  The username is your student ID with the s in front.
      The password is the password you have to log in to your computer and Clever.   

Usernames and Passwords for Checking Out Books 
Destiny Username:         Your student ID number with the "s" in front 
Destiny Password:          mydestiny 
Sora Username:               Your student ID number with the "s" in front 
Sora Password:                Your personal password to access your chromebook or device' and/or Clever 
MackinVIA Username:     Your student ID number with the "s" in front
MackinVIA Password:      Your personal password to access your chromebook or device, and/or Clever 
Media Center's Destiny Page
This page will provide you with links to valuable resources to continue learning outside of school. See your teacher or a member of the media center staff for assistance with passwords. 

Websites for Student Research 
Off Site Password:  beeline
      World Book  
Off Site Username:  SALM569  Password:  dekalb 
Off Site Username:  SALM569 Password:  dekalb 
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