Salem Middle School

Dekalb County Schools

2023-2024 Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl

Here are the books we will be reading for the competition this year. These books will be provided to the participants.

The following list is for middle schools.

  1. Cisneros, E. (2022). Falling short. Quill Tree Books.
  2. Fajardo, K. (2022). Miss quinces. Graphix. 
  3. Faruqi, R. (2022). Golden girl. Harper Collins.
  4. Hale, B. (2022). Super troop. Scholastic.
  5. Hiranandani, V. (2021). How to find what you’re not looking for. Kokila.
  6. King, A. S. (2022). Attack of the black rectangles. Scholastic.
  7. Lukoff, K. (2021). Too bright to see. Dial Books.
  8. Okogwu, T. (2022). Onyeka and the academy of the sun. Margaret K. McElderry.
  9. Sass, A. J. (2022). Ellen outside the lines. Little Brown Books.
  10. Yee, L. (2022). Maizy Chen’s last chance. Penguin Random House.