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Salem Middle School follows the Dekalb County School Dress Code (refer to pages 49 and 80 of the Student Code of Conduct):

The atmosphere of a school must be conducive to learning. A student’s appearance can positively or negatively impact the climate of a school. Students must adhere to the School District’s dress code requirements. Students who fail to comply with the dress code requirements, as enumerated below, maybe charged with Offense #25 –Student Dress Code Violation (see pages 49):

• Students are expected to follow ALL school rules governing safety in specialized programs that may require the wearing of protective clothing, safety glasses, or other similar requirements.

• Clothing, jewelry, tattoos, piercings or other body ornaments that disrupt the educational process or endanger the health or safety of other students, staff or visitors are prohibited.

• Clothing, insignia, symbols, tattoos, piercings, jewelry, or adornments worn or carried on or about a student which promote gangs or the use of controlled substances, drugs, alcohol, or tobacco are prohibited.

• The wearing of clothing, tattoos or other adornments which show offensive and/or vulgar words, pictures, diagrams, drawings, or includes words or phrases of a violent nature, a disruptive nature, a sexual nature, politically/socially controversial words or graphics or words or phrases that are derogatory regarding a person’s ethnic background, color, race, national origin, religious belief, sexual orientation, or disability is prohibited.

The wearing of pants below the waistline, bare midriffs, halter tops/tank tops, tops/blouses revealing cleavage, knee-length shorts, net/see through garments, flip-flops, slides, between-the-toe shoes without heels, bedroom shoes, or other footwear that interferes with freedom of movement and dresses, pants, or skirts with high splits is prohibited.

NOTE: Students/Parents are urged to review individual local school handbooks for any additional requirements related to student dress. 

Salem does not allow the wearing of clothing that is torn, ripped, shredded, distressed, or tattered. 


Students will not dress inappropriately on school grounds or at school events. ALL students are expected to dress appropriately and to adhere to the student dress code found on page 80 of the student handbook and any additional requirements listed in local school regulations.

    The following penalties apply to ALL student dress code violations:


    First Offense:   Verbal reprimand, contact the parent and In-School Suspension (ISS) until the end of the day or                                  corrective action.                                                   

    Second Offense: Required parent conference and two (2) days ISS

    Third Offense:     Contact parent, up to ten (10) days ISS, local                                                                                                              probation and/or parent attends classes with student in lieu of ISS.

    Chronic violation of this expectation will result in the charge of: 

    #19a – Repeated Violation of School Rules -and a possible referral to an alternative setting upon being found in violation by a preponderance of evidence at the District due process hearing.

    Necessary School Supplies: 

    • Flash drive (or jump drive) 
    • 1 1/2 inch 3-ring binder 
    • (4) sets of 5 Tab Dividers 
    • Wide-ruled notebook paper 
    • (4) Black/White Composition Journals 
    • #2 Pencils 
    • Pack of Colored Pencils 
    • Hand-held pencil sharpener 
    • Black or Blue Ink Pens 
    • Glue Sticks 
    • Index cards 
    • Tri-fold board for Science Fair (7th & 8th grade), Social Studies (6th grade) 
    • Report covers or 3 prong folders 
    • (2) white posters 
    • Hand Sanitizer 
    • Box of facial tissue 
    • Paper Towels 
    • P.E. Uniform (Shorts: Black or Burgundy/ Shirts: Heather grey or white)
    See you soon!

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    Odd Days: Math and Social Studies
    Even Days: Language Arts and Science
    Students must have a pass from the teacher to attend.
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    DCSD Student Code of Conduct
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